La Raza Pre-Law Student Association
at UC Davis

Membership Requirements

ANY currently enrolled UC Davis student may become a general member of LRPLSA.

Membership requirements consist of paying dues ($5 per quarter or $10 yearly), and you must attend 2/3 of all general meetings.

In addition, to become an active member, you must complete the following:

  • keep up on your membership dues
  • 30 hours of studying per quarter to be documented in the library log
  • a minimum of 1 practice LSAT per academic quarter
  • turn in one admissions document per quarter, such as a revised resume or letter of recommendation that can go in a file, personal statement, etc (this will be super useful later on when you actually apply to law school)
  • Apply to at least one scholarship that you may be eligible for (does NOT mean that you win it... but you never know until you try)
  • help one of our board members plan / host an event by joining an activities committee
  • engage in one outreach activity (a-board construction, tabling, etc)
  • participate in any one of the cultural weeks (semana de la raza, black family week, etc) and represent our organization by wearing an LRPLSA t-shirt OR do 3 hours of community service
  • Attend another SPAC registered student organization fundraiser and represent LRPLSA
  • submit at least one old midterm, paper, set of lecture notes, etc (they will be photocopied and name removed / covered) so that the Academic Chair can create a file for other students to study with.

After you have completed these requirements, you are awarded with a pin, which distinguishes you from the rest of the membership.



To be added to the mailing list so that we can send you updates on upcoming events, etc. please contact: OR