La Raza Pre-Law Student Association
at UC Davis

4th Annual DREAM Scholarship


 The key to continuous community progress is the presence of an expansive and steadfast support platform. This is true of the immigrant community, and specifically the AB 540 Student Community. At the university of California Davis, the AB540 support network is present and expanding.  While the organization engages different avenues of community service and outreach, we work vigorously to achieve the goal of equity, access, and education.  

As a Latino-based nonprofit student organization, La Raza Pre-Law Student Association's mission is to provide a pathway for students to pursue post-undergraduate studies, specifically for law school, with a focus on students from historically disadvantaged communities in academia.  With this purpose La Raza Pre-Law Student Association authored the DREAM scholarship.  


    In keeping with the mission of La Raza Pre-Law Student Association, we are proud to award the DREAM scholarship for the 2009 Winter Quarter. The scholarship money will be transfered directly into the student's acount on campus, to be used for tuition and/or textbook expenses. Three awards will be given in the amount of $500. DREAM Scholarship recipients will be announced on Friday, January 23, 2009.  Funds will be disbured into each recipient's account no later than Friday, January 30, 3009.  


As long as the disparaties affecting the AB 540 student community, and the grater immigrant community remain, La Raza Pre-Law Student Association will continue the Dream Scholarship and other efforts towards the achievement of social justice.